Newby OBS question - is this right?

Started by Bassachusetts, December 04, 2007, 03:37:07 PM

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Hello All,

I have been browsing this site for the past few weeks prior to receiving my new OBS from Cabela's. I am amazed at the comradrie, kindness and sharing of info and am thrilled to have such a great resource. That said, I finally received the OBS yesterday and upon setting it up noticed something that appeared odd. It looks to me that the input which holds the puck dispensing tower in place at the base of the generator is in crooked. This causes the dispensing tower to lean to the left, not straight up and perpendicular. I will try to upload some photos as soon as I figure out how to get photos from Photobucket to here. Should I return it or is this normal? Thanks for what I'm sure will be the answer to many questions.



It does sound like something might be bent.  My smoke generator (dispensing tower) is parallel to the tower.  A picture would be worth a thousand words!  I'm sure others will chime in...

...oh yeah, and welcome to a great forum!  ;D
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Wecome to the forum Bass...this question has been posted on here before, and it's one of the few I have an answer to. I had the same problem when I received my DBS, but it's a simple fix. All you need to do is insert the tube into the generator, stick a finger down into the slot on the right side to pull up on the top of the generator housing, and apply a little pressure (to the right) on top of the tube. It should snap right back in to place. It scared me when I got mine, but I easily fixed it and have had many smokes since with no problems at all. Hope this helps, if not, let us know.


Welcome to the forum.  If Ontrack's remedy does not work, take everything back off and re-attach it all.  Sometimes this will work.
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Mr Walleye

Hi Rob & welcome to the forum!

Here is a link to another thread where a member had the same problem and he resolved it as Ontrack noted.


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Thank you, thank you, thank you Ontrack. I put a little pressure on the generator top and the feeder popped right into place. Now onto the PID. Have a great night...


You are very welcome, Rob, glad I could help. Now enjoy the world of Bradley. :)


Welcome, glad it was a quick fix. Now get smokin'!



Welcome Rob. Glad you got fixed up right away. By all means post pictures of you smokes so we can all drool at work. ;)


Welcome to the forum Rob. I know you will enjoy sharing with the friendly folks here.
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