Alton Brown sparks interest...

Started by Thevenin, November 19, 2004, 07:30:35 PM

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So I'm watching Good Eats like the addict I am for that show and I come accross this receipe for Stuffed apple strusle.,1977,FOOD_9936_9471,00.html

and I'm thinking maybe doing some apple smoke with it to give it a little bite?  However the temp is a bit hotter than normal smoking.  Anyone tried smoking a dessert?  Or for that matter smoking an apple in genenral.  Maybe the tastes won't match?

Just a late night thought.



I have done both sweet potatoes and bakers...both delicious.  Of course you might have to smoke apple in something.  I would use an apple coring device, then go almost to the bottom and remove the core.  Add brown sugar, butter and cinnammon to fill the cavity and smoke until temp is about 140....sounds good to me!  Real Good Idea!  I do think I would like to maintain the juices.  Maybe sit the apple in a small bowl or foil pan?

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