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Started by gillgetter, February 03, 2008, 03:13:28 PM

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I'm having trouble posting pics, I uploaded pics to photobcket, then copied urls then went to post in a thread. I clicked on "images" and then pasted urls inbetwen the two "imgs"  I posted and could only see a little red "x" ere a pic should be. I can't figre it out.
Could somebody give step by step instructions for dummies??


I think you can pick 'image' in photobucket and it will say 'copied'. Then you go to post your message and simply paste the copied info in the message. you do not need to select 'image' in the message because photobucket has already done that for you.


If you use the image icon here, then use the direct link on Photo Bucket.  If you use the IMG link on Photobucket, then you don't need to use the image icon on this page here.
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