It's on sale again.

Started by yul, March 13, 2008, 03:59:31 PM

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Calling all members north of the border, Canadian Tire has the OBS on sale next week for $279.  :) Still no sign of the bisquettes coming sale though. ::)

Brian. Montreal.


just bought one cant wait to get it on the go... still in the box... what a good deal tho... thanks for the notice..    going to try my mule deer about 40lbs... any hints on jerky let me know



Welcome to the forum.  Have not done any game in mine - yet.  Many on here have and should post before long.
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If you are going to make jerky I would recommend High Mountain Pepper and Garlic Jerky seasoning. Just follow directions on box.
I would suggest making sticks or chopped and formed jerky.
Here is what I would recommend.
Buy a 5 # stuffer (assuming you have access to a grinder). Grind the meat with 10% pork fat. Use the seasoning I have pasted. It comes with cure. Or, try the one with MSG. They only had without msg when I bought some. It was AWESOME!!! Kind of spicey out of the smoker.  :P Not quite as spicey the next day after cooled. Everyone LOVED it.
You can also make this type of jerky without stuffing in the callogen casings that I used. In fact, you can make this type of jerky without casing and WITHOUT a stuffer. Just grind meat the same as if you were going to stuff, and instead, take about a pound or so and place in between the wax sides of freezer paper and make it flat and then use a knife or something to make strips. Lay them out on your racks smoke it. Rotate your racks, flip the pieces and take off pieces as they are done. (Put your probe in a piece towards the end of the cook/smoke if you are not sure if it is done) You will get the hang of it after a couple of 5# batches.
Here is the link and here is a picture. Notice the strips run parallel to the heat element.


Took advantage of that sale. I have a test Canadian bacon on cure getting ready for the first smoke!


That's a real fair price.



Back from mazatlan ... time to start up the new smoker... I went to C tire wondering why the seal was tearing away and without any problem exchange wasnt an issue... I have to finish off my lump of dear and I am getting some moose to smoke as well...

I wont be making it as spicey as the last batch wow ... ground chili peppers and cayenne can get your attention thats for sure... thinkin it will be a plain batch this time.. I bought four more racks so it will be a couple days and magic will happen again ... smoke #4 in the sights ... Cant wait for hunting season to start... even some nice weather would be nice...

Cheers to all the smokes going on


all new recipes welcome