Turkey Times??

Started by Scooter, November 23, 2004, 03:31:13 PM

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Hello everyone,
  First I would like to say I really enjoy reading all the posts everyone is really helpful.  I think I have smoked just about everything you can in my Bradley but a Turkey.  I have been reading posts that have said from 45 min - 90 min per pound on Turkey.  I read the Bradley Recipe and it basically says 4-8 hrs to smoke a 8-10# Turkey.  Assuming the Turkey is room temp and smoking at 200-F what kind of times per pound should I expect?  I'm having a hard time estimating my cooking time I have a 12# Turkey and on the conservative end Im looking at 9 hrs and on the high end im looking at 18 hrs thats a pretty big differance in time.  Any suggestions would help.  Thanks

Habanero Smoker

Here a link, http://www.bradleysmoker.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=66 which states he did a 10-13 lb. turkey in 6 hours, but cooking times also depend on weather conditions. If you run short of time, you can always finish it off in the oven. I did a 12 lb. and I believe it took 8 hours, but I am not sure of the exact time, and I also had a couple of chickens smoking at the same time.

I am one who does not see anything wrong in smoking the turkey the day before, and finishing it off in the oven the next day. For my area they are predicting windy conditions on Thursday, which will definately increase the cooking time. I am thinking of smoking mine tomorrow until the thigh meat is around 150 - 155 degrees. Then finish it off in the oven on Thanksgiving Day, probably covering the breast with aluminum foil. I am going to use the Culinary Institute of America guide lines and just cook it until the thigh meat is at 165 degrees F.



Thanks for the info.  I will let everyone know what I find.