Ground Jerky question?

Started by nodak, March 21, 2008, 12:36:25 PM

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LQ-check out the Hi Mountain jerky kits-they are very simple, and come with the seasoning and cure, and don't cost much. They come in many "flavors", and include detailed instructions on whatever kind of meat you choose to use. I usually add some kind of marinade (soy sauce, etc.) when they call for water, but other than that it's pretty much by the book. My favorite the the garlic and cracked pepper-my wife likes the cajun blend.


Quote from: La Quinta on March 22, 2008, 05:41:02 PM
Thanks huhwhatliar...and betcha dude!!! Got my husband's daughter and son-in-law coming from England at the beginning of June and he LOVES jerky...don't know how to make it...(never have) like eatin it tho! So...I'm thinkin I need to be dehydrator girl! :) Gotta figure it out first!

LQ got the perfect solution.  You get the cabelas from Nepa, then trade it to me for my American Harvest with 12 racks.   I could even throw in a few Hi Mountain kits.  ;D  ;D  ;D  ;)
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La Quinta

Yeah Giz...sure...I looked at that sucker on the internet...sounds like a really good deal...uh...FOR YOU!!! I'm still waiting for NePa's discount! Then we'll talk baby!!! :)


I've made a ton of ground jerky over the years in our electric oven. I think the lowest setting is 170 degrees F and I just barely prop the oven door open with a wooden spoon handle. Lowers the temp, circulates the air and allows moisture to escape. I'm sure the dehydrators do their job well, I just never had the need to try them.