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Started by Carter, May 12, 2008, 10:27:58 AM

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I found a great price on some side ribs yesterday so decided to make some up.  Plus, my wife is overdue right now with our second baby, so I figured starting a five or six hour project would be a perfect way to get things going (We're still waiting by the way).

I didn't have time to fool around with rubs or making my own sauce yesterday so here's what I did.

1.  Removed the membrane.  Used a butter knife and my fingers.  I'm finally starting to get the hang of it.

2.  Sprinkled on a combo of some leftover Iceman's Rub, Goya Adobo Seasoning, & Cumin.

3.  Let it sit for 20 minutes while the smoker heated up.

4.  Put Ribs in smoker and set up to run 4 hours of Hickory. (about 1pm yesterday/Sunday)

5.  After the first two hours, in which my box temp stayed under 200, I opened it up and spritzed apple juice onto the ribs and turned them all over, and rotated the racks.  Temperature crossed over 200 degrees shortly after putting the ribs back in.  It was really windy and quite cool yesterday in Toronto.

6.  After 4 hours, I took the ribs out, put a toothpick through a couple, sampled one and called them done.  Wrapped them in foil, towel and then into the cooler for an hour.

7.  At 5:45 yesterday I cranked up our gas BBQ.  5 minutes later I put the ribs on the grill and proceeded to slather Iceman's BBQ Sauce all over them.  heated them for about 2-3 minutes.  Just about the time it took to slather them all, flip them and slather tham again.

8.  At 6pm we sat down to a feast of Ribs, Cole Slaw, my wife's cornbread and baked beans.  A meal fit for a King.

I was really happy with how this worked out.  Probably could have let the ribs go another hour in the smoker and it would have rendered out a bit more fat, but they were really tender and really tasty, and the meat pulled right off the bone so nobody was complaining.

As usual Ice's sauce has just the right amount of sweet/heat combo.


P.S.  I just had some leftovers for lunch.  My fingers have that excellent lingering smoke smell.


It's 10 a.m. and I'm stuck in the office reading stuff like this >:( Man I look spastic drooling all over and pacing around like a mad man.

Well Carter ya done good buddy. Glad all turned out.  ;) ;D


Once again ,as life proves over and over again.....The Iceman Knows Cool 8)

MMMmmmmmmmm !!!


I thought you were going to post that half way through your wife went into labor. ;) That's usually the things go for me. Anyways, glad the ribs came out great. That membrane removal is always a pain. Today when removing one I felt like I was wrestling a live hog. :o :D :D :D
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I made ribs again yesterday.  All this rib talk you know makes a guy kinda want to make ribs.

2 racks of baby backs.  Pealed the membrane (nailed it!!).  Applied a basic Memphis Rub that I made up some time ago that I had lying around.  Into the smoker for 3 hours of hickory.  Started to rain, so into the oven for another 2 hours at 225 degrees.  FTC'd them for a couple of hours while I was making the "Basic BBQ" sauce from the BBQ Bible.  Slapped them on the grill and slathered them with BBQ sauce to finish them off while doing a couple of chicken breasts and grilling some veggies (peppers/zuccini/eggplant/mushrooms soaked in Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar, then sprinkled with a salt/truffle combo my mother in law gave me for Christmas last year - yum yum, this is the way veggies were mean to be eaten).

Had another couple over and we served them up some BBQ'd chicken n' Ribs.  My wife made up her Rum Cake and our guests went home stuffed.

Then our newborn who slept through the festivities woke up immediately upon our guests leaving and stayed up for the better part of the night which means we did too.

I'm one tired smoker today.

By the way, we had number two on May 13/08.  His name is Robert and he sleeps during the day and stays up all night.  Our first son, Jack (17months), isn't too sure about him yet, but he's coming around.  Everybody is healthy and that's the most important thing.



Congrats Carter on your new arrival.
Sounds like the ribs and veggies were a hit as well.

I think I know why teenagers are now having kids.  It is an excuse so they can stay up all night (taking care of their baby) and not get yelled at by their parents.  :-\
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Congrats on the new Arrival, Carter!

Ours are 16, 14, 5 and 3 - I feel your pain sleep-depravation-wise.
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Welcome to the world Robert.
Congrats Carter.
"The universe is a big place
probably the biggest"

Smoking Duck

Congrats Carter!

Another smoker added to the Bradley family.  I'm much like FLB.....I have a 15, 14, 9 and 7 running around.  The sleep ain't too bad now, but the joy they bring far outweighs any sleep I may have lost when they were younger.


Steeler....she's a keeper!

Who doesn't love lab puppies?

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Congrats Carter on your new arrival !



Don't know how I missed this post earlier.  Congrats on the new arrival.  They grow up faster than you realize so start programming now and enjoy.
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Congrats Carter. Let the fun begin ;D :)
Get Robert into cooking and BBQing asap.  :D