Puck Advance and Flashing "E"

Started by Northwoods Woodcraft, June 16, 2008, 09:27:26 AM

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Northwoods Woodcraft

Hi Folks...

I went to use my smoker this morning and the puck advance on't stop trying to feed.  Shortly after power up, it goes to feed a puck and then continues.  The unit beeps and then an Error (E) flashes on the display. 

Has anyone seen this?  Is there a fix short of getting a new smoker?



Tiny Tim

Sounds like something is preventing the pusher from getting all the way back "home"....blow out the generator, or even crack it open for a better cleaning.  Might want to give the Bradley Tech line a call before doing that to see if they have any other easier suggestions.


Haven't seen or heard that one to my recollection.  Try unplugging, then plugging back in again.  Sometimes just resetting the logic will clear some of the puck advancing problems.
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agrees  with giz try  unplugging it ... if that  doesent  work  check closly  to see if the puck advancer is  blocked in some manor ,,, maybe a  good steam cleaning might be in order as well as  opening the  smoke  generator and blow  it  out  of  dust



Mine did the same thing yesterday at the end of my smoke. Two of the alum. pucks had advanced and the third one dropped. But the first alum. puck somehow got jammed just before sliding onto the puck burner. My smoke generator beeped and flashed 'E'. I looked for a problem then found the jammed puck, I tipped up and pressed the advance button and it worked fine. I'm not sure why the puck jammed there but will have a better look at it before doing my salmon and ADT's this weekend.

Habanero Smoker

The "E" must be something that is rare but know to Bradley. They have an explanation on their site in the FAQ section. I copied it and you can also find the explanation here:

What is an "E" message?