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Started by wilky49, June 28, 2008, 06:26:19 AM

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I am done a lot lof smoking before but this will be the first with the DBS.

Todays Menu Ribs, Chicken, ABT

Who ever came up witht the ABT please have a beer on me, never saw them till i came here and depending on how them come out I may never eat another appetizer again. Hot, Spicy, Smokey, Peppers, Cheese and Bacon. Think I must of died and went to heaven.

Ribs are three differant flavors  of Hot, Cajun and a Mustard mix.
Chicken will be the beer can variity (nothing to extreme for the first one)



Welcome to the forum Wilky, enjoy your new smoker.
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Mr Walleye

Welcome to the forum Wilky!

Atta boy, jumpin' in with both feet!  ;)

Your in for some good eats! keep us posted...


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Welcome to the forum.  Although I have eaten plenty of cajun food (living within 2 or 3 hours from LA), I do not think I have ever tried cajun style of ribs.  Please provide some info on this.
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The Cajun rub I get from a local Cajun resturant that they actualy make there which is over in PA ( I Live in NJ). It simply has Garlic, Lemon Pepper, Pepper, Oregano , basil and a few more spices. I Simply use it as a dry rub before I smoke the ribs.

Only shot I took before I put them in the smoker wish I took one while they were on the counter and out of the raps.


Sounds good.  One day you should order some rub and sauce from Iceman (a member of this forum).  It is to die for.  The sauce has a mild kick to it.  The rub is great for ribs (light coating) and really great for pulled pork (heavy coating).  Just send him a pm.  He provides for forum members at a minimum cost.
Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth.

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Welcome to the forum wilky!

Cajun ribs sound great!

Just make sure and use pecan! No no No I meant mesquite!  ;D

Its amazing what one can accomplish when one doesn't know what one can't do!


Did you say Cherry no no I think it was something else unfortunatly the only flavor that came in for the weekend was Cherry. ::)


Love Peppers

A thing to behold and drool over!


W E L C O M E to the forum wilky49!

Looks like you got it goin' on...
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Those look great wilky, the only thing I seem to have found is when doing halves, you loose so much cheese.  But none the less they look great and I'm getting hungry!

Its amazing what one can accomplish when one doesn't know what one can't do!


Well i figured i would end the weekend with pics of the results (forgot to snag the rib pics)

The ABT's were a hit, gone in no time the ribs fell of the bone and the chicken was dripping with juice when we cut it.

The huge hit was my spicy BBQ sauce that somebody actually took home with them. I have been told to buy more mason jars and start making them a supply of sauce.

So for the first batch of food out of the smoker was a success. Looks like I am going to be smoking a lot this summer.

La Quinta

Welcome Wilky...that stuff looks awesome!! ABTs are a favorite of ours as well...any sort of measurements on that cajun spice rub...like...more of any particular ingredient? Sounds really good.


Hi Wilky,

I just got my DBS today and I think I want to try you Menu.
Peppers cream cheese and Bacon?
Is that what I see?


Usually a bit of rub is mixed into the cream cheese as well.  You can put other mixings in with the cream cheese as well. 
Here is the link to the recipe on the recipe site:
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