Canadian suppliers?

Started by SturgeonLake, August 27, 2008, 05:24:40 PM

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I'm looking for a supplier for an Marverick ET73 and Bubba Pucks, but someone in Canada. I suppose a U.S. supplier that sold both might do also. Just trying to save some shipping costs ($16 for the Marverick + 4-7 days delivery, plus probably the same or more for the set of 3 bubba pucks.)


Mr Walleye

Hi SturgeonLake and welcome to the forum.

I live in Saskatchewan and I've dealt with Bryan at Yard & Pool. He is a member here on the forum and very good to deal with. I would ask him to ship it USPS and not UPS. UPS has a habit of scaming us Canucks on brokers fees. Anyway here is a link to his site.

In addition Home Hardware here in Canada sells the ET73. You will have to ask them to look it up on their computer because they won't have any idea what your talking about. At least that was the case here.

Home Hardware - Product Number 6427182


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