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Started by backmax, September 09, 2008, 04:01:20 AM

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I am interested in buying one of the new digital smokers but need to know if I can store it under my pavilion with a cover over it. Does the outside moisture affect the digital components or any other piece of the smoker? Should I store this in the house? This would make it inconvient but doable. :'(


I've kept mine on a covered deck for over a year now with no adverse effects.


Mine has been outside for over a year on a screened in porch under a Bradley cover.  Appears to have suffered no ill effects.



mines been outside scence the day i bought it under a bradley  cover and on a shelving unit which has its own cover deopted down from the eves of the house... no problems here



Mine has been outside for over 2 years.  No problems but then the weather here is not too severe year round. 
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What about up here in Canada?   The temperature and snow can't be good for a Bradley during the winter months.  I've got a cover but keep mine in the garage during winter, on the patio in the backyard during the summer.

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Hey cold weather, I leave the tower outside and bring the smoke generator inside.  There is some grease in the puck advance system that can gum up if left in cold weather.  Other than that, you're good to go.


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I keep the tower outside under a cover, and keep the smoke generator in the garage.  It seems to do ok.


I also keep my tower outside with a cover over it and the digital unit is inside the house.