Resetting digital smoker after 10 hours?

Started by backmax, September 12, 2008, 09:46:13 AM

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I have been reading about the digital smokers and a few guys have mentioned having to "reset" the smoker (unplug it and start over) after 10 hours as that is as long as it is programmed to go. Is this true? If so, is it a hassle to do? Do you lose the heat of the unit when you do it? Thanks for you response, this is a great forum!!!
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All I do if the heat timer is getting close to running out and I need more time is the press the 'set heat' button and use the up/down arrows to add more time. I have never had to unplug it to add more time.

I have read on the site that others had to unplug the unit while pushing a puck then plugging back in. I think this is to get the puck pusher back into sequence, but I have never done it.


I do the same as Pens Just push the heat time button when it flashes move up or down as needed.
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You can do as the others have said, or you can move the product to the house oven after the smoke has rolled (usually 4 hours or less) and finish for as many hours as you need.

It is definitely not a hastle to change the oven time setting and unplugging is not necessary.
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Thank you guys for all your input. I'll being buying the 4 rack digital very soon, I miss smoking!!


Keep checking in and up to date with the happenings of the smoker family.  :)
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Probably the only time you will have a issue with the 9:40 restriction will be with a couple of 7-8 lb. Butts. I usually start late in the afternoon giving myself time to give them at least 4 hours of smoke, change the water pan to get rid of any burned bisquettes and reset the timer. That will get you through the night anyway. Cooking times are a wildcard that cannot be predicted.


I have only reset the timer, but I did install a switchable power strip for the DBS and the exhaust fans; one switch does it all.

I think it may be necessary to unplug or disconnect the power to re-set the timer (20min bisquett timer)on the smoker.  Still haven't figured out when/if that needs doing.

I did add the 4" PVC smoke stack that Mr Walleye suggested and it does work better than without.

Even after reading about the probs others are having with the DBS I am really enjoying mine.  I got the 6 rack version (it was less than $10 more than the DBS4) and even though I haven't loaded it to the max (yet) I still like having the versatility of extra racks and room for the circulating fan if I decide to add one.
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Drtibird you shouldn't have to kill the power to reset either one. Myself I usually wait until the bisqette timer is on one of the cycles and adjust it up then so it stays on cycle. That way I can still tell the wife that the Bradley needs constant attention in the garage and I cant work on the "Honey Do List".
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Another cure (although reasonably expensive one) is to purchase an Auber PID.  Not only can you program your time out much longer, but you'll also maintain your temps much closer than the DBS is able to.  Have used mine a couple of times, and the temp variation from what the Auber is set at is only 2 - 3 degrees.

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welcome to the forum backmax as you  can see a lot  of  usefull information here and knoweldgeagle people as well