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Started by bflosmoke, October 14, 2008, 08:31:45 AM

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I  have a customer that I have fed some brisket and pulled pork to and they loved it. Every year at christmas I give the people I deal with thank you gifts (flashlights pocket knives etc... ) nothing fancy $20 to $50 items depending on thier position and how much work they give me. Well the VP asked that I do up some Q for an office Holiday lunch to feed about 50. My question is how cold can the weather be to get the OBS up to temperature I can get out of the wind no problem but it gets cold in Buffalo. If I can only get the bradley to 100 or 150 will that be enough for a smoke and then finish in the oven ?  I just dont want to commit and then not be able to deliver.



I live in Toronto, so I'm familiar with what is about to drop onto our doorstep in another month or two, although I think you guys who live south of the lake get it worse than we do believe it or not.  I've spent many a chilly days in the nose bleeds at Ralph Wilson and whooo man does it get cold.

To answer your question, for cuts like pulled pork or brisket, I think if you follow the smoke in the smoker, finish in your oven methodology you wont have to worry about hitting the upper limit of the Bradely.

Last December, I did a batch of Kummok's Smoked Salmon to give to clients.  No problem with temperature because you want the Bradley to rise really slowly anyways so as not to get the little beads of fat that are hard to avoid.

I'm planning on doing the same thing again this year because my clients loved the smoked salmon.

I bought a vacuum sealer this summer so I can make the presentation look a little nicer.

Hope that helps a bit.


P.S. Go Bills!!



There should be no problem with finishing it in the oven after smoking it in the Bradley. Some people already do it that way.




i would be looking for a  box temp of 50 to 80 ..  much  like a  cold smoke .,..and add a  little  more  smoke then finish in the  inside  oven


Thanks for the info. I figured it would be ok but you never know.
Carter if you are coming down to orcherd park soon let me know. I could probably pick up some Brisket for you. I think I have heard you say you cant get it in T.O.


Hey Thanks BFLO.  That's a nice offer I'd love to take you up on.  Not sure when though.  It's been a couple of years since I've been down there.  With a young family it's kind of hard to take a full day away from them on the weekend, especially since I'm working long hours at work right now.  I'll take a rain check though.  It's only a couple of hours drive.