Smoker Carts

Started by wiglesias, January 12, 2004, 05:13:10 PM

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Any recommendations for a cart?  I store my smoker in the garage and would like to have a cart to wheel it out on.  Also to keep it out of reach of the "kids"?  Maybe with a cabinet to store woodchip boxes and outher supplies.

Billy in Texas


Great idea Billy! I've seen a lot of good possibilities around as tool chest carts AND actual BBQ carts. I posted a similar question regarding an outside smoker, dutch oven, etc cooking table and didn't receive ANY responses. I think your's is a LOT easier to find....I've even seen metal carts at garage sales that would work for what you intend. I'd go with larger wheels to keep things from vibrating all over the place when moving. I know I've seen such carts in painted steel AND stainless steel, with lower cabinet doors and with just open shelves. Some are tool carts, some are serving carts and some are "utility" carts....all would work.......don't know what city you're in, but most larger cities have used restaurant supply stores and "materials handling" suppliers.......good luck with your quest, hope the above helps you find what you're looking for!  [8D]

Kummok @ Homer, AK USA