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Started by hammy, November 21, 2008, 07:25:58 AM

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Whats the best advice for a whole bird??? I have hickory and alder pucks..

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Welcome, Hammy!

Take a look at this link, it will get you started:


or you can do a search for turkey in the meat section and get a ton of different things to try.

One of the things I like to do when doing the turkey the whole time in the smoker is to place a butter-soaked cheeseclothe draped over the turkey.  It really helps in getting the skin to crisp up a little (some folks will also throw into the oven at the end to crisp up the skin or it can come out rubbery) and who doesn't love something draped in butter?

Hope that helps!


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SD gots you heading in the right direction, but I'm thinking now you have an excuse to buy a new toy....hint, hint, hint  Big easy!   ;D

Its amazing what one can accomplish when one doesn't know what one can't do!


The butter Idea sounds good. This is what I've done with whole turkeys. Admittedly, this was with a charcoal and wood Brinkmann. My OBS is being delivered by Sleigh. Ho, Ho, Ho. Anyway, I cover the whole bird in Mayo, smoke 4-6 hours depending on size, at about 200. I say about because the Brinkmann's thermometer is about as reliable as our current economy. Crisp the skin in the oven to finish. I think the one that came out the best was smoked as above except I put a ham on the rack above the bird and let the ham juice drip on to the turkey. It was great. Let me know how your comes out.
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For what it's worth, I brined the bird overnight, then let it rest in the fridge.  Cold smoked it the following day for 4-5 hrs, put it in back in the fridge, and then deep fried it the next day (T-Day).

Couldn't have come out better!


W E L C O M E  to the Forum LKN Smoker!

Looks like you have it figured out.

Don't tell anyone how easy it was....  ;D ;D
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Well....not to brag, but I believe I pulled off a Thanksgiving Miracle.

Heres the story.  I bought a beautiful 22lb bird for 5 bucks a week before thanksgiving.  I thawed it out and started the brine.
I brined it for 2 days (i know that is a lot but it was the only way I was going to pull of the correct timing)  The brine was simple:

1 gallon of hot water
1 lb honey
8 tbs of thyme
8 tbs of sage
1 lb kosher salt
2 cups of Markers Mark Bourbon
bunch of ice

So after the brine, I took the turkey out and rinsed it off.  Next I patted it dry and injected it with garlic butter mixture.  Then rubbed with oil, then covered with bacon. 

I started it the smoker at 225 for four hours of maple smoke!!  Once the smoke was done, I was planning to put it in the oven till it reached 160.  BUT my ovens completely died!! I was freaking out as the entire family was due for our late lunch.  Sooooo  into a roster pan filled with turkey broth, more bourbon and any drippings I could pull off the bird.  Then I stuck it on the grill!!  Its cold in ohio so the grill was all over the place, but I would guess it was at 340-350 most of the next 3 hours.  Then a miracle happened any my ovens popped back on.  So I removed the bacon tented the bird with foil and it was  at 152 IT.  Well another hour and 15 minutes later and I removed a perfect bird from the oven.

Let me tell you it was the best bird ever!!  It cut like butter and tasted better than any bird I have ever had.  I have fried them before and let me tell you the flavor of this bird blew that away.

Anyways I needed to share. 

Happy T day



That does sound tasty Jay.  I just love it when you snatch victory out of the jaws of defeat.
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It's great to hear when a kitchen disaster is averted.

Good job!
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