Want to Buy this Smoker?

Started by masmith, January 12, 2004, 03:23:10 AM

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Female here; I want to buy this smoker, because of its' flexibility.  I need to dehydrate veggies, roasting a big old slab of meat, be it poultry, beef, pork, or venison.  Making great jerky would rule.

I want this puppy; supposedly I can leave it for 8 hours and do what I have to do.  What I've read so far is the above dream isn't going to happen, unless I am watching constantly.  

I need you guys to help me.  I'll either buy the smoker(probaly will)or jewelry.  Don't need new jewelry, rather have the smoker.

Please tell me the problems with the thermostat.  Why don't the biscuit drop properly?   AND where does one get a remote control thermometer that works farther than 50ft?  I need one for 300ft minimum.

By the way this is my birthday present from me to me, it absolutly has to be the thing.

Smoke On...MA


MA, I don't think you will find a remote thermometer that will reach more than 100 feet. I found a really cool one at
www.northerntool.com. It's a maverick thermometer and works really well. It has 2 probes,one for internal temp of meat,the other for temp inside the smoker. It's about $50.00.

Happy Birthday![:D]


Ok, I've had my Bradley for about six months now and love it.I have never had a problem with anything. It gets up to 300 degrees even in the winter. You can't go wrong with the Bradley. JUST GET IT. Everything I make in there comes out great. Hope this helps.


BTW thanks for saying happy birthday.  I have decided that the smoker must be purchased for me.  I honestly don't know enough to do right.  BTW, not buying jewelry, don't have a place to wear it.  
Smoke on....MA