Started by commonsense, December 26, 2008, 04:32:11 AM

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Has anyone ever smoked a ribeye or any other steak?


I smoked it for about 40 minutes in the Bradley and then put some olive oil, salt and pepper on it then finished it on a very hot grill.
It turned out A1.



I have done round steak and chuck steak but was just smoking them prior to cutting up to use in other recipes.  Having said that the flavor was great.  I think I had them in the smoker for about an hour but was smoking other things with them that kept the temp down.

Smoking Duck

For truly scrumptious and smoky steaks, do a cold smoke on them and then wrap tightly or vac seal overnight in the refer.  Then grill the next day.

Very tasty!


Steeler....she's a keeper!

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