Started by NePaSmoKer, January 05, 2009, 07:42:14 AM

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I started this landjaeger before i left for calif. Got some smoke to it too.



That my friend looks like good eats - mighty good eats!!!  For my money, dried sausages are the Super Bowl of sausages!  Love the texture and the flavor.  Man, gotta get me that grinder, stuffer and that freezer to convert into a drying/conditioning box!!!
"A man that won't sleep with his meat don't care about his barbecue" Caneyscud

"If we're not supposed to eat animals, how come they're made out of meat?"


Hey there NePaSmoker,
I've been eating Landager all my life (german parents) and have got to say that they look great. Let us know about the taste.