Casing storage

Started by lumpy, January 15, 2009, 06:15:15 AM

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Hi Guys,
Got some casing from my butcher (25' for $4) how are these things stored, and what is the storage life?  I saw that he pulled them out of a mesh bag from the cooler and where covered in salt.



I store mine packed in salt in the refer.  I've stored them for up to a year without any problem but they usually get used before I've had them for six months.

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Thanks Tom

Your right about the long term storage issue. Doubt mine will be in for even a month.


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 8)Lumpy!  Put in zip-lock bag and cover with salt and they will last for a year or so in Refrigerator.  I have had some for a couple of years.  Normally they don't last that long as one hase to keep filling them with wonderfull treats...