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Started by La Quinta, January 10, 2009, 07:38:04 PM

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La Quinta

Ok...thank you first for the is what I'm thinkin...

They gave us the secret ingredient as Orange because the Florida Gators won the football game (and as some of you know I am NOT a Gator fan...butt) I thought if they wanna go Florida...I'm goin' Florida...

1. An Orange glazed roasted shrimp (may apply a little light cold smoke the night before) Gotta figure out a dipping sauce.
2. Orange and beet salad on a bed of spinach and some very thinly sliced red onion...with a light citrus dressing.
3. Fried flounder fillets in a chpoltle orange scented canola oil. (Thank you Giz...that oil is from the book you gave me)
4. A citrus scented cole-slaw (the thought is a vinagarette...but I may go with a sour cream/mayo dressing to cut the acidity)
5. A lightly orange flavored hush puppy (I think I'll just do a little zest in the mix)
6. Fresh green beans steamed in Orange juice and dusted with sliced almonds at serving
7. Orange/vanilla ice cream with orange pecan pralines on top (for dessert)

Cocktail...Cointreau (sp?) with Southern Comfort and lemon lime soda...

So...there I am...thoughts?



My only thought is what time is my flight ?

Sounds good LQ!

At least the secret ingredient wasn't gatorade...
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OK I'm not looking for the OJ injected thighs anymore, Now I'm looking for a Drool Rag. Sounds great LQ make sure you take lots of pics.
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LQ how did the orange menu turn out?

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La Quinta

Hey Caney...doing it Saturday....just threw up a see who would rescue us....I'm pretty confidant about the menus right now...but dang....ya never know....all stuff we've never made...we'll see....

I will certainly let ya know....

Smoking Duck

Just remembered a pretty cool crushed peppercorn and orange glazed rib recipe that would work well if you get stuck on something.  Let me know if interested.

Steeler....she's a keeper!

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Mr Walleye

Hey LQ

Maybe CanadianSmoker will lend you his new orange scale!  :D

Sorry CanadianSmoker... I had to!  ;)


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La Quinta

Hey kids...the meal turned out fabulous....I did catfish instead of flounder and it was awesome...the hush puppies with just a hint of rind were great...the shrimp were amazing (from Southern Living web) couldn't really get a taste of the orange in the green beens...then hubby made a grapefruit and Oranage bundt cake that is to die for...very dense and fab...we saw the recipe, that was a loser recipe, on the "Ultimate Recipe Showdown" on Food Network...that cake is killer...ANYHOO...ya know what,concepts I posted if you ever have too many oranges and ya don't know what to do with them!!!  ;D


Glad to hear it all worked out for you LQ.
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