Newbie Anxiety Alert #1: Sleeping & Critters Gettin' Into My Stash, etc.....

Started by SharpTeethTearing, February 01, 2009, 08:14:20 AM

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Hi all,

Total newbie here who is this close (visualize index finger and thumb <1" apart) to buying a OBS. Basically, I'm a low maintenance gourmet type who wants to load the smoker up at bedtime and awaken to meat-of-the-gods. Thus:

A. Is sleeping while smoking doable/prudent with the OBS? I know it probably breaks every fire code known to man....but off the record, what do ya do?
B. Can night critters open the doors and eat my stash?
C. If the critters can, what is a safe, cheap, efficient locking mechanism to keep'em out?

More questions to come.....Thanks,
SharpTeethTearing (Rob).

Mr Walleye

Hi STT and welcome too the forum.

Doing over night smokes is very doable providing you follow a few precautions. Prior to heading to bed you want to finish the "smoke" portion of the cook, dump and refill your water bowl.

I'm not sure on the critter thing... kinda depends if the critters are 2 legged or 4!  ;D

Some other items you will eventually want are a Maverick ET73 (a dual probe thermometer with remote) and some Buba Pucks (aluminium pucks for pushing the last wood pucks onto the burner).

A number of the members here also run a PID (temperature control device) which is very helpful in maintaining temps while running unattended (overnight).

Also, if you haven't already, click on the smoker in the bottom of my post and you will be taken to the recipe site. Lots of great stuff there from all the fine folks on the forum here.


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W E L C O M E  to the Forum SharpTeethTearing!

I think a bungee cord would keep out the four-legged vermin, as for the two-legged kind....
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