No heat :(

Started by Brisket Lover, February 21, 2009, 01:02:48 PM

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Brisket Lover

Well I can't get my OBS to heat up.  I can get up to 90 but thats just using the smoke unit.  I've tried the things I have read on here but no luck.  Im sad and so is Chuck Roast.   :-\

Oh forgot to mention that right above the slider is a crack on the screw line.

Habanero Smoker

Sorry to hear about your problem. If you tried all the tips, and you still don't have heat, and with the mention of a crack above the slider your circuit board may have been sorted out by moisture. You may need to replace it. If it is still under warranty contact Bradley. Yard and Pool sell circuit boards, but you may as well order the complete face plate with circuit board.

To prevent that from recurring check out this tip.

Cracked Face Plate


Brisket Lover

Thanks it still should be under warranty I just got it for Christmas.  I called an left a message with Bradley so I should get a call next week or I will call them back.  From what I read on here I should be taken care of.