Advancing bisquettes too fast ?

Started by mistigi, February 25, 2009, 02:39:37 PM

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How should bisquettes look after burning ? Is my smoker advancing too fast ?

Here is an image

Tiny Tim


Thank you. Just bought OBS and seasoning it. I thought they were supposed to burn into ash :-).


They look good to me. It looks like the one on the bottom left is a little on the underdone side, although I am assuming that was probably the first puck through the smoker and the generator wasn't pre-heated. If that was the case then you are looking good ;D


Yeah, I supposed it was the first one. Seasoning done. First batch in!

Bradley (Head Office)

Hi Mistigi

The members are very correct that's what they should look like.
Canadiansmoker is correct the bisquette burner was not preheated long enough that's why the first one is partially burnt