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Started by Fuzzybear, January 27, 2004, 09:31:15 PM

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Kirk (Chez Bubba):

I was reading a problem Kommuk had with a drip pan...do the smokers come with one?

I've noticed that you have one availabe on your site.....

Also, where is this "smoked salmon" recipie he has?

I'm itchin to get goin!


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I don't recall the thread about Kummok having a problem with his drip pan, but there have been several threads that have talked about it. Can you point me towards the thread you reference?

In general, Bradley's terminology seems to be confusing to a lot of people. Without getting out the manual to see what they officially call the parts, there are three components that could be mixed up, depending on how the user interpreted what he read. My terminology for these are the "v-shaped drip tray", the "bottom drip tray" and the "drip bowl".

The smokers now come with all three of the above mentioned. The bottom drip tray was not included in earlier smokers. We try to stock all available parts as people can get pretty creative in managing to accidentally ruin them. You should hear some of the stories!

Far as I know, Kummok's salmon recipe is in his head, or taped to the trigger pan of a bear trap. All I know is he sent me some and Mmmmmmmmmmmm![:D]

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Ya think if next time I check into a hotel & they ask "Smoking or Non", they would mind?


Well, you answered my questions..thanks!  Kummoks was the one with photo where due to the bottom drip pan, his water bowl was hitting the feeder.....

"A mans got to know his limitations"


Kummok here......Chez Bubba's right, no problem with drip pan here, I have an older BS and they didn't come with the drip pan back then....I WAS in that thread but I was just responding to the person posting the photo of the waaaaaaay too clean BS!!

As far as the "secret recipe" for smoking salmon, I'm glad to share but it's gonna cost you $12, paid to Chez Bubba, for being soooooo cheap!!  Sorry, Fuzzy Bear, it's been a loooong winter up here and I couldn't resist the temptation.....You can blame that one on Cabin Fever! [;)]

I'll try to get the "recipe" printed up and started as a new topic over on the "Recipe Discussions/Fish" side of the forum. If you don't see it in the next coupla days, bug me and I'll get on it.  I'll reiterate in the posting, but I've found it REALLY hard to mess up a batch of good salmon. I'll give you a coupla choices in the recipe in order to get started, but then let your creativity take over with spices, sweets, and hot sauces and such! I just tried some jabanero salmon that was DEFINITELY too die for, (and I almost DID!)!!

Also, I don't know what racks you're getting with you new BS, but I HIGHLY recommend the 1/2" grid non-stick coated ones that Kirk sells at Chez Bubba. I'll be recommending that you ensure uniform curing/smoking throughout the whole batch by cutting your salmon from top to bottom in 3/8 to 1/2" strips and the smaller grid racks make a big difference in meat NOT falling through or hanging down from the rack.  Besides, at the rate I smoke during fishing season, especially with salmon coming in at 2-3/day at an average 20-25 lbs, having one batch of four racks in the smoker and two more batches of four in the brine/drying/glazing phase is a GREAT thing to do......you'll need 12 racks to pull that off. If you're doing just one small fish at a time, four racks will do just fine, but the smaller grid is best.

Keep on Smokin'

Kummok @ Homer, AK USA



Save us all some time man....you cook it, ship it to Kirk (Chez Bubba) and let him sell and distribute it!!! - Heck, we'll get it overnight!![:D]

I've been taking the thick parts of filets and cutting about two inch wide, soaking them in a basic brine of salt/brown sugar and water overnight, then smoking them for about 3 hours for me and 4 for my wife (she likes it drier than me[xx(])

I haven't been patting them dry either - used the brine as the water in the water bowl as I didn't see any point in throwing it out and I figured that it would add some additional flavor.  I've been using Mahogany chunks as my wood for the entire process (3 hrs of smoke) on a low medium heat...

I'm willing to try something new!

"A mans got to know his limitations"


OK......the smoked salmon recipe is now posted on the FISH forum. Give it  a try!  I forgot to mention on that posting that I ONLY use alder. I wouldn't be reluctant to use cherry or apple, but I'd stay away from mesquite, mahogany, etc.........[xx(]

Let me know your results!  And nice try on the "just have Kirk sell it"!!, but I only give it away....my "customer service complaint" dept  is a ghost town that way!

Kummok @ Homer, AK USA


<font face="Comic Sans MS"></font id="Comic Sans MS"><font size="5"></font id="size5"><font color="blue"></font id="blue">Thanks Kummok!  I'm heading right over there! - believe it or not, the mahogony wood is not bad at all - I initially thought "bleah" myself until I tried some using the wood in a town called Bishop, California - located in the Eastern Sierras just east of Death Valley (if you look on a map)

I thoroughly understand not wanting to use harsh woods on fish!

"A mans got to know his limitations"
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I know Bishop well....retired from Rancho Cucamonga FD and used to travel through there all the time to get to my favorite waterskiing course on Lake Topaz. Also did a lot of 4 wheeling out of Lone Pine over the mts into Death Valley!  Used the wood around there a lot to grill steaks, but never smoked with it......still had tons of applewood trimmings from orchards in Northern CA where I grew up!

Kummok @ Homer, AK USA


Ahhhh.....another from California - glad you are familiar with CA Kummok,,,besides smoking/bradley/salmon we've got more common ground! R.C. is just about 18 miles east of me...Were you involved the fires down here last year or were you mustered out before then?  My smoker is due to arrive today...I'll be assemblying it tonight and will most likely season it too.  Chicken on Saturday will the be first item...

I'll be using a can of apple juice stuffed up it's bung, apple pucks, and a nice dry seasoning rub...

You gotta sell me some of that fine Alaskan Salmon, stuff it in with a bunch of dry ice and ship it down!![;)]

"A mans got to know his limitations"
Glendora, CA - USA!