Trying a variation of the ABT's

Started by SmokinMoe, January 31, 2005, 07:07:00 PM

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Great minds think alike, WORD to the smoke boss' above.  I do think cream cheese is the key AND i do use cheap Bacon[:p] for the project.

Kirk, when you do use the creeme cheese.  Make sure you let it set out till it's nice and soft.  I place mine in a bowl, add some grated cheese, couple dashes of my favorite rub, plenty of bacon bits then use the blender to really soften it up.  I then use a disposable piping bag to fill the little gems.  I use a metal scewer instead of tooth picks.  I cut the bacon slices into 3rds and cap them, then run them through.  Then I lay whole pieces of Bacon[:p]over the top.

I have very seriously considered in buying one of these called a "Super Shooter", dawg gone thing is battery operated and it's only 19.95


Perryville, Arkansas

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Perryville, Arkansas

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