Texas Style Brisket Throwdown!!!!

Started by KyNola, September 04, 2009, 06:48:44 AM

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This is great! Wish everyone could view this thread. You guys make Texas proud. Really don't think there is gonna be a loser here, and the winner is Us for you two doing this. A Clinic of styles, Thanks


I would like to say thank you to the two eager participants and also to KyNola for starting this. It is going to be entertaining and educational watching the brisket pros go at it.


I'm bettin on the Texan....Party on Dudes


I just KNEW this was going to be good!  These two guys are absolute pros when it comes to brisket obviously.  I appreciate you guys doing it and teaching us all how to do brisket.  Do I need to make a beer run or are you guys sufficiently stocked?  It's important to stay properly hydrated when you're working around a hot smoker you know. ;)

Stay tuned, round 2 coming up.


WOW! I can't wait to see the results on these!! Lookin good!  ;)

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Time to move ahead!

Out of our overnighter in the fridge and resting while the smoker's (yep thats plural) come up to temp and get the mesquite rolling!  I thought for grins I'd do one in the OBS and one in the offset, to show everyone the difference and why we love our Bradley's!

In the offset, temp running right around 200

And in the OBS temp running @ 220, notice how I had to kinda had to fold it to fit.  Not a problem, as it smokes/cooks it will shrink.

Stay tuned!


Its amazing what one can accomplish when one doesn't know what one can't do!


Round 2 has begun and WTS lands the first blow but the other contender will be heard from soon I'm sure.



Ok big difference, between the offset and a Bradley....Temp in the OBS (with PID) holding 220.....Offset having to burn down the wood for coals, then back and forth playing with the dampners temp swinging up and down.  Granted not that much of a swing, but still a pain!  Once again this is why we love our Bradley's!

Its amazing what one can accomplish when one doesn't know what one can't do!


I was going to wait unit the briskets done, but here's a couple.

This is just after taking off the plastic wrap.  It sat wrapped on the counter for about 2 hrs (to bring it up to room temp.)

Got the OBS up to 275, started the smoke and put the meat in.  (Opening the door, and the temp of the meat will bring this down - I didn't want it to drop below 200).

Should be done in about 2 hrs and will rest for 30-60 minutes before slicing.



Ok, folks...

Brisket reached an internal of 180, so it's (a bit higher than I like...adult beverages came into play ;) ) time to let it rest.

Double wrapped in foil...

Now into the towel, and into the cooler (to retain heat)

I'll post more when I slice it.  :)


That looks mighty good there JGW!  ;D


too much time for beverages using the bradley.my wife now has me doing odd jobs while I smoke....geez


Well.....I'm done.

Rested for 1 hour (FTC), and ready to slice.

Fist slices.

A few more slices.  Note:  I do NOT cut what's left of the fat cap off.  Many people prefer to have it on.  Myself, I trim it off when it's on my plate.

Here I pulled out a slice just to show it's moist.  This brisket was cooked as traditional as I know how to, with a few helper tasks.  Simple rub, decent smoke time, and controlled temps, and I think the results were worth it.  It was tender, moist, and most of all.....tasty.  

Anyway, that's the way I did Texas style Brisket on the Bradley.


Check the bend in the brisket - this is the ONLY way you will know how tender it can be.  If it doesn't bend, pass and select another.
Rub:  Personally, I think dry rubs are the way to go.  Use a basic (Dalmatian - equal parts salt & pepper), a commercial, or your own creation.
Do wrap it and let it sit overnight (or longer)
Do let it come up to room temp.
Smoke it over your favorite wood (I like Oak the best, which is what I used here, but Hickory, Mesquite, etc. are perfectly acceptable).
Watch the temps - not hard on the Bradley - I settled on 225 here, at 1.5 hours per pound.  4 hours smoke time for this one.  Might up that a bit on the next.
Do FTC it.  At least 30 min, but an hour is better.
Slice it up with BBQ sauce on the side, if desired.  (I actually did serve a homemade sauce on the side - Made it for the ribs I'm doing tomorrow, but it went well with the brisket.)

Thanks all.  This was fun.  

Cannot wait to see what WTS presents.  I know it's going to rock.