Texas Style Brisket Throwdown!!!!

Started by KyNola, September 04, 2009, 06:48:44 AM

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Mr Walleye

The only thing I see missing on both sets of pictures is "ME"!

Man... I'd be all over those bad boys!

Great job guys!  8)


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Hopefull Romantic

At this time  and age where every thing can be fixed on the computer, I have to agree with what Flbentrider has said. Nevertheless knowing who WTS is and appreciating the guts JGW has I have to conquer that what we all have witnessed is a pure and a genius challenge  of both non winning contenders but for all the rest of us we had some thing new to add to out resume.

I am not as "think" as you "drunk" I am.


This was really a great thread.  I'm salivating.  Well, the stars have aligned and my local market has brisket on sale for $1.99/pound starting Monday.  I'm going in there and bend those suckers (learned that here).  I think next weekend will be "Good Eats".

Congrats to both of you.  The commentary and pics were great!
-- Arnie

Where there's smoke, there's food.


Dam good looking briskets both of you

I did a brisket this weekend also, by the end of the night it was gone

Ain't nothing better than some moist and tender brisket, family and friends, a bottle of some good whiskey and a bunch of beer.


La Quinta

WOW you guys...well freakin done...both look off the chart delicious....Well done JGW...WTS is a big fish in brisket (on here)...how fun is that!!!  Take on the big guy...LOVE IT!!!!!!  ;D

WTS...I love ya...but...dang this boy in Cali can cook!!!