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Started by Klondikesmoker, December 22, 2009, 10:28:05 AM

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I was using the BDS and the Auber PID last night to do up some fatties.  They were quite large so took longer than I antisipated.  After just over 5 hours my PID shut down.  The timer was set for 8 hours and I went to check on it and it had shut off and was just blinking _ _ _ _ _  .  What gives?  Any idea why it shut down.  It started back up with no problem but set me back about half an hour getting back up to temp.  Good thing I went to check on it or it could have been longer.   


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The only thing I can think of is possibly a power failure for a brief time.

I would keep an eye on it to see if it repeats this. If so I would give Auber a call or email. Their customer service is excellent.


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definately not a power failure.  We have a lot of power failures here in Whitehorse but I would have noticed it in the house watching TV.




I have experienced a similar situation with my Auber PID.  When I start to pre-heat my DBS6 and it's reaaaaallllly cold outside, my PID will flat-line as you described.  I have had to open the Bradley, grab the PID sensor, warm it up with my hand, and make sure that the Bradley continues to heat.

I think that the Auber is probably not designed to operate in hyper-cold temps.  Both batches of summer sausage I've done in the past three weeks required me to "fool" the Auber into thinking that the temp in my Bradley was over 32 F.  (The second batch I had to warm the sensor three times before the PID engaged, and did it's thing).  Once I get the temp in the Bradly above 32F, everything seems to work just fine.

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I use that trick everytime I fire up the BDS.  Warming up the probe fools the PID to start up. 

this time the PID had shut down after 5 hours of cooking.  No explanation

I have since done a large butt and took 25 hours and it never shut down. 

Must have been the gremlins snuck in and shut it down.



Nice to know about that trick.

My Auber will be here Monday and It will be along time before we see and temps in the 30's.
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