Now There's a Sandwich!

Started by anderson5420, February 17, 2010, 06:02:02 AM

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A "Mac Daddy" from Mac's Speedway BBQ, in Cornelius, NC. We are here visiting my cousin, headed back to Washington State today.

Now, the truth be told, I prefer my own pulled pork to Mac's any day, but this is a BIG sandwich. Collard greens on the side and a big 24 oz ice cold can of PBR to wash it down (I will deny it if word gets out that I was seen drinking PBR!)
So many recipes, so little time!


24 oz's of liquid gold!
I see nothing wrong with the photo's!
If your so cool....where's your Tattoo.


Now thats a sammie with some volume to it, good ol PBR, aint had one of those for at least 20 years now.


That's an awesome sandwich!  And the PBR?  Hey, if it's cold, ain't NOTHIN' wrong with that!!!


Looks great.  Grew up drinking PBR.  Loved it.  Haven't had it in a while either, hmmm... maybe time (excuse) for a Sam's Club trip????