Started by hammy, March 08, 2010, 06:34:50 PM

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I need help with briskets , planning on cooking two Thursday night and need help with cook time, smoke time, internal temp.  I will be cooking them with butts at the same time, I have those under control but first time on the briskets and need some advice....thanks


I would smoke them @225F, apply up to four hours of smoke.

You are looking for an IT of 190-200F

That sounds like a lot of meat. Start early and use FTC if they get done early.
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Looks like FLB has you covered.

I smoke my brisket/butts for 7 hours.

4 hours isn't enough for my taste.
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I agree with FLBR....  START EARLY.  That is a lot of meat in the ES.  Brisket and Butt both reheat very well so if it done early it no big deal.  I have ftc'd butt for 8 hours before.  Its better to be too early than too late.
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hammy, how did the smoke go?  We always like to hear about the results!
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