Let the 4th smoke begin!

Started by DTAggie, July 02, 2010, 07:36:52 PM

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man my mouth is watering. I need to post some pic of the 10lb'er we did. Its going to get eaten today.
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Your guess won't ever leave! ;D

That is some beautiful work/play David!

I stand up and applaude you!

Happy 4th!


Man what a weekend.  Lots of smoking and culminated in a great evening.  Rain held off and temps were actually bearable.  Everyone loved all the food.  Did not get a pic of the ABTs after smoking because as soon as I brought them in and the first person tried one, everyone devoured them.  Everyone, and myself, were amazed at how crispy the bacon got on the ABTs in the smoker.

The brisket was amazing.  I pulled both at 185* IT and FTC for a few hours.  Was perfect for slicing and melted in your mouth.  Reheated the butt in the crock pot with some apple juice.  Cilantro potato salad was a huge hit (thanks CRG).

As I sit here recalling it all, I think of two young men, son's of guests at our house tonight, one at the Air Force Academy, one in boot camp for the Navy.  I pray for them and all looking out for us.  God Bless! 

Plowed through the first brisket.  Here is the second one sliced.


Again, you had a great plan and worked it to perfection.

Guess where everybody wants to be for a cook-out!

Great job and glad you enjoyed the Cilantro Tater Salad.

I had a handful out of 9 1/2 lbs left over from today.

Gave the recipe to 5 people.