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Started by classicrockgriller, August 26, 2010, 01:03:15 PM

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Smokin Soon

Both of the guys I am sending this to are retired military, and bake with wood fired brick ovens. Could be interesting!


I don't know how I missed this for so long but Congrats SS. Very cool!  ;D


Quote from: OU812 on February 01, 2011, 07:30:33 AM
Great info SS.

I think I'm gonna take my starter outta the freezer, feed it, make somthing out of it to see if its still alive then feed again and dry.

Need every inch I can get in the freezer.  ;D

Up date.

Took my starter outta the freezer on Thur. put in the fridge to thaw and on Fri. placed in a bowl and let get to room temp then Fri. night gave it a normal feedin and as of right now nothing has happened.  :-\

Still got my 1/2 cup that I've been using sense I split and froze the starter.  ;D

Got it on a towel warmin up to room temp now and gonna feed it tonight then split and dehydrate tomarrow.

Smokin Soon

If you do not see any growth, that's not the one to use for dehydration. You want it highly active, as in 12 to 14 hours after a feeding and see some good growth and activity, bubbles galore and that really good smell. I'm no expert by any means, as my first attempt at frozen starter was a dud! Just gotta go with what worked very well for me.


Ya SS thats what I'm a thinkin, my starter form the freezer is a DUD.  :-\

Thats why I'm fixin to feed the one from the fridge, its only 1/2 a cup.

I know its good N strong, heck its allready grown to over a cup just a sittin there.  ;D

Smokin Soon

My last batch of dehydrated starter went a little bit smoother, as I split the starter on more sheets to make it thinner. If you can get an even thin coat on the parchment paper, it will flake up in less time. I gotta play with it a bit, as it seems to fight you when you try to spread it out evenly. I am being more carefull to avoid thick spots. I am tempted to water it down a bit, but like I said, gotta go with what works.


Wanted to post this as I have told a few people what my Mom does with her

bread starter. She only likes and makes rolls. After the first rises, she divides

her starter into greased pans and put 7 rolls in each one. The "FULL" starter

makes 4 pans or 28 rolls. She'll leave one out and let it rise and bakes it. The

other three she covers with sarah wrap or those plastic/elastic covers and sets

them back in the fridge. She takes a pan out the nite before as she needs them

and lets them do their second rise and bakes them.

I took 4 pans of rolls and left them in the fridge for 10 days.

After a warm up and the second rise.

After Baking at 350* for 25 minutes.

The tops did blister a little, but they still taste great.

Smokin Soon

Funny you should mention that "blistering". After talking to you about your mom's approach, I tried it. The "blistering" actually is a nice touch for me and browns a bit better in my opinion.
Thanks to my Texas Mom!!


Quote from: Smokin Soon on February 11, 2011, 05:45:43 PM
Funny you should mention that "blistering". After talking to you about your mom's approach, I tried it. The "blistering" actually is a nice touch for me and browns a bit better in my opinion.
Thanks to my Texas Mom!!

She actually sprays hers with spray crisco before the fridge time.

I didn't, but hers do the same.

Gonna do it again and take one out every other day and bake it and

see when that shows up.



Can I have the bunch on the top left?  ;D

Didnt get to drying my starter last week end, the girls seen it on the counter and talked me into makin cinnamon rolls.  ::)

But im fixin to do it right now.

Fed my 1/2 cup last night and this morn pulled off my 1/2 cup that left me with 1 cup fed it again this morn and now, well in a min or two its goin in the dehydrator.


Blistering of the crust in artisan breads is a good thing. 

It shows you handled the dough well and baked it right.

It's not a flaw - you get bonus points for that.
I like animals, they taste good!

Visit the Recipe site here

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In my mind I had done a total failure of a bake. I have never used Sonny's starter direct from the fridge. Always baked with with fresh fed. I had some extra that I let come up to room temp, added 1 tbs Cinnamon and a cup of raisens. First rising, no joy at all, almost pitched it. Made some rolls, second rising, no joy...resisting the urge to pitch it. Had to do 400* for 40 minutes to get it un-gooey in the center.

Friends stopped over while it was cooling, snatched some and said "Those are some of the best Scones we have ever had"
BLSH knows about these things. What the hel* did I do???


I made some cinnamon rolls.  ;D

Wifey dug in before I could frost them.  ::)

She said the rolls didnt need any frosting,.... great, less work for me.  ;D


Smokin Soon

Sonny, better get crackin on your dehydrated activation technique, as Lq's went out today. Hate to see those Teabags flying towards Texas!