Neep help quick (how many times u heard that?)

Started by Bourbon, July 03, 2005, 06:17:45 PM

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OK, here's the situation;  Brother-in-law calls me this morning, said he'd just bought some ribs and was on his way over.  After talkin up the BS so much, I can't possibly say "Can't do it."  So...
Not even sure what kind of ribs these are. They say "Pork Spareribs COV Brisket Bone Off".  Have probably 17lb, guessing.  Completely filled up the smoker, had to cut up at least one rack to fill the shelves.  These things are huge.  So...
I got them in about 11:00 AM.  Put whatever spice on them I could (salt, onion powder, red pepper, paprika, garlic powder, I think that's all)  Didn't have time to pull membrane off.  No marinades either.  Topped everthing with cheap bacon.  Shooting for about 220 deg's, vent 1/2 open.  Apple/Hickory mix bisquettes.  Hoping to have them done in 6 hours.  Have I just wasted $50 worth of pig?
Any experts on here today (of course there's experts on the Bradley forum!) any advise on how to save my meat and my pride would be awesome.
Thanks in advance


Once your pork is done to the level you want then  FTC them for at least one hour.

<b>F</b>oil....wrap in Foil
<b>T</b>owel... wrap in Towel
<b>C</b>ooler... place in pre-heated Cooler. (Use hot water to pre-heat the cooler.)

Add some apple juice to the ribs before wrapping.

EDIT: 6 hours maybe a little short on the time... you may find yourself closer to 8 or even 9 hours if they are really huge.


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Welcome, Bourbon!  How's you make out?

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Newton MA


Actually, not bad.  I think I ended up leaving them in there for about 7 hours.  After that I wrapped them in foil w/some diff. juices (apple, orange, rum....) and put them in the oven for about an hour.  They turned out pretty good, but what amazed me was how good they were the next day.  I smoked some more ribs this last weekend and they were good, but even better reheated the next day.  Awesome.  I'm still learning.  Everyone that's eaten my ribs disagrees, but I know there's room for impovement.  I'm my toughest critic, I guess.

Thanks for the welcome.

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Cold Smoke

Many say ribs are one of the toughest things to smoke and get perfect on a consistent basis. I'm definately in that camp. Sounds like you're well on your way.

Cold Smoke


I think that many smoked meats taste better the next day, especially pork ribs.  Each time I do ribs they turn out different, sometimes great, sometimes OK - but always good.

I am still chewing on a pork loin that I made Sunday - It gets better every day. I'll bet that some of those bugs discussed in are making the loin taste better [:D].