Wood pucks and the cold smoke box

Started by ADH, October 21, 2010, 04:43:21 AM

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Has anyone else noticed the when using the Bradley cold smoke box that pucks are not as fully burned as when hot smoking with the SG in the cabinet? Or is it something I'm doing wrong.


I've never noticed a difference.    It's the same element in the cold smoke adapter or the tower.    Only difference is the internal temp in the cabinet.    Are you giving the SG time to pre heat before you start the smoke?


I let the SG heat up for about 1 hour. Not one of the pucks has fully blackened as they do when doing a hot smoke.


I think there had been some discussion on that a while back if I remember. It seems to me that it was mostly related to the OBS. (but relying on my memory is dangerous). I think that the conclusion was that the added heat of the element helps the puck burn better in the OBS than when it is isolated in the cold smoke box. Again, that is how I remember it and I could be totally in left field.
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The puck doesn't burn as completely without the extra heat help from the cabinet heater.
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OK, that works for me. I was hoping there was nothing wrong. I will put the SG in the cabinet and run it to check when I get home. Thanks