problem with order from?

Started by watchdog56, December 16, 2010, 12:15:29 PM

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Has anyone had a problem with any orders from I ordered up 5# of cure#1 about 1 week ago and have not received any shipping confirmation yet. It says they use AMW distributing. It looks like my order went through because it shows my billing and shipping address. I tried contacting them but all I get is a recording so I left a message but I get no reply yet. It has not been billed to my credit card yet.


I have ordered from the sausage maker before but not the sausage stuffer. Maybe NEPAS or one of the others has dealt with them before.  ???

love the smoke

Just received my order from it only took a couple days I live in the Midwest

always good service from them



finally got an email from them and the canceled my order like I asked.