Sous Vide & DBS?

Started by porterdriver, January 07, 2011, 03:59:45 AM

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Given the low temps that Bradleys can cook at and the control of a good PID, has anyone tried doing any Sous Vide cooking?

On the surface, it seems like a natural but I am not confused by any facts.


This is something I have thought about as well but never attempted.  Sous Vide is usually done in a water bath, I think because it is easier to get an even temperature. I would be wary that the temperature in the Bradley, even with a PID, may be a bit unstable - the PID is only controlling the temperature at the end of the sensor and it can vary quite a bit throughout the the smoker.  I know people use a PID and slow or crock-pot type cookers filled with water for this but like you, I am not familiar with the facts.  I expect someone who knows more about it will be along later to shed more light on the subject.



I was thinking of using a deep pan in the DBS as the water bath. I also thought about using the internal probe in the water (with PID set to control IT) to more precisely control the temperature rather than the ST probe.

Only hiccup in this is, 'can the Auber Dual Probe PID be programmed to hold an IT'?  If so, I am not sure how to program for that.  If I set first of the six cycles to trigger on an IT, then once that is reached, it will shut off element. So I'm not sure if I can get there from here.

Perhaps you would have to retask the ST probe as the water bath temperature controller and use 'time' on the PID to control cooking time.

Like you said Waltz, sooner or later someone will stumble by and enlighten us.


Quote from: porterdriver on January 07, 2011, 06:57:25 AM
Only hiccup in this is, 'can the Auber Dual Probe PID be programmed to hold an IT'? 

As you sated the PID can be programmed to take an action (shut off, set a new cab temp, etc,) based on IT but can't be set to maintain an IT. The only way I can think of is if you want an IT of 165* set it that when the IT hits 165* the cab temp is set to 165*. If the PID maintains a cab temp of 165 I assume the IT of the item would maintain 165* or at least not go over.
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I would think it would be as simple as swapping the cabinet probe for the water probe.

You would set the box temp to be the water temp to hold, and you could do up to five days at that temp.

I know Auber makes Sous Vide PID's, maybe a quick email to them would clear things up.
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C'mon, I'm a guy!  Check instructions, ask for help from the appropriate source?  Never.  I come here for wisdom of the ages from the greybeards.

Besides, I want to do it with existing equipment.  I agree that using the ST probe as the water bath probe seems like the simplest and probably the best way.  I have never done any sous vide cooking but thought it might be fun to try.


I think you might be better off using a cheap electirc hotplate controlled by the PID with a large stockpot as your sous vide bath.  Trying to use the Bradley as a water heater (hot air to water bath) would probably be pretty inefficient.

Auber PID's are used as sous vide controller's, so they can probably guide you.  You may want to get a submersible probe for the bath.
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I doubt it would work in the Bradley. I just order the stuff to convert my Bradley to a 2 element smoker, with fan. I also just purchased
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For Sous Vide Cooking.

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With your PID you should be able to use a crock pot or a hot plate as described above. I once used a Foreman Indoor/Outdoor grill to heat the water (I'm using a DiqiQ II as a controller). Using a rice cooker is an excellent idea.

You need to vacuum seal the meat, and fully submerge it into the water. I use both probes; one probe to monitor the heat of the water, and the second probe to monitor the temperature of the meat. Take precautions to make sure either probe never gets fully submerged in the water. If you are going to monitor the meat temperature what you need to do is attached a piece of thick foam double stick mounting tape (get Scotch's Brand) to the vacuum bag. Insert the probe through the tape into the meat. The tape prevents water from leaking into the bag.



Is Sous Vide worth the time and effort?
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I've only done it 4 to 6 times. After I purchased my DigiQ II, Fred at BBQ Guru is the person who told me how to use my DigiQ and Raptor for other things, which included sous vide. Once you choose the equipment you are going to be using and you set it up once; you will find the setup and take down of the equipment is easy and takes little effort.




I have no idea whether the result is worth the time and effort.  I have a hard time envisioning what food would be ideal for that style of cooking.  I must admit that I can't conceive of a food that I think would be better by sealing it in plastic and letting it swim around for many hours.  I was just idly curious that's all.

I think I got my answer.


I had heard it can infuse certain flavors into meats as no other, but I just don't seem to hear too much about it lately. 
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OK the Aggie will ask the dumb question.  What exactly is this type of cooking?  Benefits?


It's cooking food in strictly temp controlled water (PID) in vac sealed bags with all ingredients and seasonings sealed in.  kinda like a boil in a bag thing but not really that basic. 
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