Black Iron Pizza

Started by kelpiedg, February 27, 2011, 09:37:48 AM

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By Joe I finally uploaded some pictures.

This includes most things from this site Canadian Bacon, Maple Bacon, smoke mozzarella.  And cooked on my weber wiht Oak



wasnt sure if my post was going to work.  LOL


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Yes Sir!

Nothing wrong with that except I'm not there to snatch some.

Thanks for the pics.


Good lookin pizza pie.

Makes me wanta make one now.


How did the bottom crust look? Was it crispy? I bet it was good! Sure looks good ;D
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Dang good looking pizza pie.
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no it wasnt crispy it was starting to brown and stiffen up nicely but it wasnt crispy


Quote from: kelpiedg on February 28, 2011, 04:14:33 PM
no it wasnt crispy it was starting to brown and stiffen up nicely but it wasnt crispy

How hot was your oven?

What rack was your pie on in the oven?


Could you do it like corn bread and pre-heat the cast iron?? Or would it burn the cr-p out of you prepping it.
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My Weber grill was about 400 with indirect fire.  My skillet was warmed up a little because I have a locker in the garage and it was freezing cold.