Chicken thighs in smoker

Started by gbritten_nh, March 26, 2011, 11:55:09 AM

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I put in Thighs a few minutes ago, smoker is already back at 190 F (1 brick), had intended to preheat 45 minutes, cut it short when smoker reached 225 F.

Used Jan's rub on them plan on 2 hrs smoke with Apple then finish in oven so I can have the smoker for tomorrow's dinner, a Butt to be pulled.

Pics to follow when done.


I will post some pics, once I have pics downloaded from my camera ( I still need to take more pics of the butt), but of the 10 times I have used my OBS, this is the second one that is not 100% a winner, though still up above 80% I guess.  The issue is the skin.

I knew from reading the forum that if I just smoked them to IT 165 F, the skin would be rubbery.  I smoked them 2:20 to IT 165 due to timekeeping error, and then finished them in oven @375 down to 350 almost immediately, for 35 minutes (probe was not available to test IT as it was in use in a butt).  The skin was not rubbery, it had crunch, but it was tough, I would call it leathery.  I think maybe too long on both smoke and oven, having the probe available would have helped in this dept maybe.  The Apple smoke flavor was perfect to my taste, as I like heavy smoke (2:20 is long for thighs I think), comments from family are not available due to the exigencies of life!


I did chicken legs the other day with gunpowder rub and liked them. Just had two hours of hickory smoke. Finished them off in the oven to crisp up the skin also. The leftovers reheated had the rubbery skin from the micro wave but still good.


OK, here are the promised pics:

The thighs getting ready to go in the smoker, with my bottle of Jan's rub in background

And here are some of the thighs coming out of the oven (the rest are in the next Pic)

And here is the meal, whole potatoes roasted with rosemary, EVOO, kosher salt & pepper, and Russian salad courtesy of my wife