Timing of Butt + Flat

Started by JayM, May 26, 2011, 10:51:36 PM

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Hey everyone,

I hope you're firing up your Bradley's for the holiday weekend!

I have a butt and a 6.5lb flat cut brisket thawing right now for a small BBQ this weekend.  I've mastered cooking pork butts, but I've only smoked one brisket before and it was a big guy by itself.  Can anyone recommend a way to smoke both the butt and the brisket so that they're done at the same time without the brisket being jerky?

I don't know how long the flat will take so suggestions on that would be helpful, but I'm thinking I smoke the butt at night, pull it from the Bradley in the morning and throw the butt in the oven.  Then smoke the flat and let it cook in the Bradley until it's done assuming the butt would be done at the same time.

No specific time to eat, but let's call it 5pm for reference purposes.

Thanks in advance for your guidance!