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Started by akpackfan, May 27, 2011, 06:52:29 PM

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Just got a new OBS and am doing my first smoke which is chicken thighs.  What is the max temp the OBS will get to with the slider all the way to the right?  Mine won't get much above 250 according to the thermometer in the door.  Does this sound right?  I have the smoke generator turned off at this point.

Meat tooth

The safety thermostat cuts off @ 280. I think it depends on ambient temp, but so far I got mine to go to 260, thats it. Actually though, that's a bit high -the whole idea here is low and slow... don't rush perfection. 225 would be the max temp I would cook a pork butt, or roast at. Get an electronic meat thermometer and don't rely on the door thermo. You'll get a feel for it.
Chew carefully and don't let your meat loaf.


I don't have the OBS but I think the max temp is 320.  Beyond that and a high temp "switch" flips and shuts it down.

Wouldn't trust the thermometer on the door.  Get you a digital thermometer such as a Maverick ET-732 where you place a probe in the Bradley that will accurately measure the temp in the box AND a probe that will measure the internal temp of the meat you are cooking.  


I have a digital thermometer stuck in a thigh already.  It's been almost two hours and the chicken is up to about 160 deg.  I've read I should shoot for 180.  Seems almost like whenever a little breeze kicks up for a while the temp gauge in the door drops 5-10 degrees.  Its about 72 deg here now and I have the OBS in the sun.  I don't know how I could shield it from the breeze without putting it in my shed or garage but I don't want everything smelling like smoke.  I guess I'll just keep it going until the meat gets to 180 no matter how long it takes?

Meat tooth

Shipping Box Weight: 42 lbs
Shipping Box Dimensions: 34" H x 20" W x 18" D
Construction - Exterior: Powder Epoxy Steel
Construction - Interior: Aluminium
Internal Cooking Vol: 2288 cu in
Internal Heater: 500 watt cooking element / 125 watt smoking element
Power: 120 V 50 - 60 Hz , - 5.5 Amps (240 Volt Model TBA)
ETL & CE Listed
Max Temperature: Controllable up to 280F.
Min Temp: Subject to ambient temperature
Adjustable racks: 4 with 11" x 13" cooking space each
Warranty: 12 Months from data of original purchase
Includes:Owners Manual
  Recipe Booklet
  Comes with Rectangular Tray and Drip Bowl
  Bisquettes not included

As posted on the Bradley website
Chew carefully and don't let your meat loaf.


Did a little more research while the chicken was cooking.  Quite a few people said to cook the thighs till the internal temp was 167 or so instead of 180.  Mine got to 167 in about 2hrs 15min.  I decided to open the door and take a look.  Nice and beautiful golden color on the outside and smelled great.  These thighs had no skin on them and soaked in a Italian dressing marinade for a few hours.  I decided to take them out and eat em.  Tasted great and nice and juicy inside which was a relief cause I was concerned about dryness with no skin on them.  Smoked with Hickory, next time I might try apple and wrapping a couple pieces of bacon around each piece.  Overall I was pleased for my first smoke.  Next up is spare ribs!

Meat tooth

Good to hear! Sounds like your on the right track. Keep us posted; reading the forum and seeing those yummy looking pictures always inspires me to try something new.  ;D   
Chew carefully and don't let your meat loaf.


Sounds like you did a great job on the thighs!  Wind is the worst enemy of a Bradley smoker.  The wind blows across the vent and literally sucks the heat out of the tower.  Some sort of wind break helps.

As for the max temp in the OBS, I'll yield to Meat Tooth.   


Congrats on your first smoke!

Take a search of a few recents posts about safe temperatures for smoking different kinds of meat. Chicken, if my foggy memory serves correctley is safe at an IT of 165.

I've noticed that skinless chicken will dry out more than skin on, so I compensate by brushing, spraying on more of a liquid flavor enhancer.

By the way, we all enjoy seeing pics of smokes!!

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Congrats on your first smoke. NOW YOU ARE HOOKED> ;)

I am not as "think" as you "drunk" I am.

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Glade you found out the thighs are cooked to a temperature much lower than 185°. The below link gives the USDA recommended temperatures, and the most common used temperatures:
Meat - When Is It Done? Pt. 2
If you want to print out the chart, download the PDF version (needs Acrobat Reader 8 or greater). You can cut and paste the picture, but the print out looks much better.

KyNola has provided the correct information; the high temperature sensor is set for 320°F. In the Bradley manual it warns not to exceed temperatures higher then 320°F. I think the key word in specification list is "Controllable", or Bradley has made changes and have not updated their manual. I have had mine up to 300°F and the sensor has not shut off my element.

One other thought about why Bradley now states the 280°F as a maximum controllable temperature. They use to state the maximum temperature was 320°F, but they got a lot of complaints from customers who bought the smoker expecting that the smoker would easily perform at that temperature on a regular basis.



Get a PID controller and end your worries about heat. My unit will hit 300F plus, but I never smoke anything above boiling water. Plus once you have a PID controller and you move on to sausage making you will be real glad you have one as fat renders out at 170F.

When I do pulled pork I take it to 180F -- 200F and then chop it up -- IMO it makes for a better sandwich. Just remember once you get over the point of boiling water items shrink and can get tough.

In the morning I'm putting on a 10 pound brisket that I have been wet aging. I will put it on around 8-9 AM and it will take at least 20 hours before it hits 185F. At that point I will FTC it for at least 3 -- 5 hours.

Have a safe holiday!

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