looking for chicken leg/thigh smokeing recipe

Started by ebohatch, April 28, 2004, 01:30:55 AM

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I am looking to smoke chicken legs and thighs in the next few days. I have made these ala hot wings in the past.
Does anyone have a recommendation on preparing them in the smoker?


Greetings and welcome to this place,

Your question is kind of wide in nature. What is you end desire? Hot Wings with a light smoky flavor, or...?

Please advise and then I'm sure someone will address your question correctly.

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Hello Emil,
I have never smoked chicken legs. but if I were, I would cold smoke the raw chicken (after seasoning them) for about an hour then throw it on the grill. Or maybe marinate it first then smoke it then grill it.
welcome to the world of trial and error. don't be afraid to experiment. Here is a link to my experience with turkey breasts, maybe it will help give you ideas.

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Thanks Dow and Bassman.

I make hot wings (but I use chicken legs and thighs) the following way.
I coat the legs and thighs with a dry rub (a variation on Emeril's Essence, I make it my self at about 15% of the cost of store bought rubs (and we like it extra hot)).
Then I take a group of about 6 peices, wrap them with Alum foil.
Cook in the oven for about 1.5 hours at 250F or on a grill.
The come out super juicy and falling off the bone.
We eat them as is or put BBQ sauce on them.

So this is the recipe I will try with the smoker tomorrow.

Any suggestion or hints will be greatly appreciated.


I believe Bassman is pretty much on the money here...

You might want to try it two ways:
1.   Cold smoke your chicken (I suggest 3 pucks worth.) After the third puck is done turn off the generator and close the vent at the top of your smoker. Allow the chicken to remain in the box another 30 minutes.  Remove allow to cool and then add your special seasoning.  Finish up on a BBQ grill.

2.   Add your seasonings then cold smoke before the grilling.

I would further suggest you have the heater of the box not plug into your smoke generator.  Seems you will have less heat. Next any place in the box where you can add ice in a pan. This will help keep your box cooler.

Good luck and let us know how it turns out....we be always looking for new vid'els to eat [:D] With that said, "You'ins  come-on down to the house now; we'ins got some greens to eat. And the chitten in the corn be a crack'in! Now don't be leaving your'ins cider at the house...We'ins be prowerfully thristy some...Ya hear me now?"

Olds [:D]

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Chez Bubba


We have done chix legs a few times & here's how we do it:

Spice them up the night before with a good & spicy dry rub & put in Ziplocks. A little olive oil helps the spices "gel".

Smoke for about 3 hours (full smoker, about 40#, double-racked), hickory or maple the entire time, until I.T. hits temp. Vent full open after 1 hour to get the skin slightly crisp. Rotate racks both vertically & horizontally halfway through.


Ya think next time I check into a hotel & they ask "Smoking or Non?" they would mind?
Ya think if next time I check into a hotel & they ask "Smoking or Non", they would mind?


I like to smoke chicken drumsticks somewhat like I do pork butt.  I smoke chicken parts far past done at around 225F, then finish off with a little barbeque sauce during the last 15 minutes.  I am not fond of grilled drumsticks because I don't like chewy sinuey (if thats a word)food.  I would rather grill a chicken breast.  But if you smoke cook drumsticks for 4 hours or so, all that chewy stuff breaks down and you can just chomp the meat right off the bone.  Yummmmmm  As long as you smoke dark meat, it won't dry out on you.  I also keep the vent almost completely closed.[8D]

Let your trout go and smoke a salmon instead.