Why don't commercial smokers contain fans?

Started by pmmpete, December 01, 2011, 10:23:05 PM

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There are some interesting postings on these forums about the advantages of adding a fan inside a smoker to circulate the smoke, even out the air temperature, and reduce the need to rotate the shelves so all the items being smoked get smoked evenly.  Why don't any smoker manufacturers produce smokers which contain fans, or offer fans as optional accessories?

Mr Walleye

Commercial smokers usually do contain a fan or blower. In commercial operations they usually introduce the heat/smoke into the area where the meat is via a blower. Although this is in commercial operations.

On the other side of the coin you have manufacturers of residential smokers. There are some with circulation fans but usually in the higher price ranges. Think thousands not hundreds here. I would say the main reason they all don't is the shear cost while trying to stay competitive in the market place.


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Beefman said that "big reason is cost cost cost."  But I suspect that it might only cost perhaps ten bucks to add a circulating fan inside a $300-$500 home smoker.  That's a very small difference in price, and the fan could be a valuable selling point for the manufacturer.


Hold up Pete.  You asked about commercial smokers and Mike addressed that.  True commercial smokers do have circulating fans.  Now you're on home smokers.

Which is it that you're asking about?  An Old Hickory commercial smoker or a home smoker such as a Bradley?  I think I know. ;)


Sorry, I intended to ask why none of the manufacturers which produce smokers for home use include a circulating fan in their smokers.


in my  opinion the manufactures for home units look at a few issues,

1) design which costs money
2) how the  design affects material and labor to build
3) the cost of 1 and 2 combined into there unit and weather  or not the smoking public would buy such a unit

as  for the cost of my  blower alone was at $ 98.00 through grainger and another $ 50.00 for the custom motor mount and blower / heater guard.. so over all cost is not just a $ 10 dollar motor and fan blade...