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Started by mikecorn.1, February 02, 2012, 07:25:53 PM

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I have

Ive read some threads on this topic but nothing clear on how to do it.
The FAQS site has a help thread but only tells you this
"To activate auto-tuning, just enter code 166 to get into the PID setting menu. Set AΓ to 1 then exit the menu (see Fig 5). The display will start to flash alternately between AΓ and the current smoker temperature, which indicates auto-tuning is in progress. When the display stops flashing, the auto-tuning is finished. Now, the newly calculated PID parameters are set and are used for the system. The new parameters will store in the memory even when the power is off."
How do you get to the menu, enter the 166 code and the exit.
The instructions that I have printed which came with my unit don't say anything different. Thanks for ya'lls help in advance.

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hold the set button down for about 4-5 seconds or until something that looks like "LCK"  shows up on the left side. enter 166 then press set.
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