Bad conection on element

Started by Homardman, February 15, 2012, 12:52:06 PM

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Hello i just started to smoke some rib put them in BDS for 2 hr of smoking but when i ckeck it the temp was not raising my smoking hr was done no heat from elements take out the rib and put them in oven but i check the machine to find out thhat the element wire in back as move for disconect fix it back test it and yess working

Now the question should i restart alll the smoking and finish it in the BDS or i leave it in oven
At 350 or finish it in BDS without the smoke at 220 for the time left

Thx you very mutch for your time

A newbies from montreal


if you  have completed the smoking then yes you  can move the rib into the oven  to cook. The Bradley is basically an oven after the smoking process

hope this  helps


Ok thanks you for the information  oven it is