on my 6 rack digital smoker

Started by just a smokin, March 20, 2012, 10:40:59 AM

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just a smokin

   Hey there guys i went and used my smoker the other day and had some problems with it . what i was having was the whole thing kept turning  off . i would turn it back on and then wait for 2 mins and then it automatically turn off again. meanwhile i had 2 other obs going as i was making my LJ sausage. this went on for 30 mins or so i guess and i was starting to lose my patience then  it finally stayed on till the end. i had tried many times to both unplug everything here as well(then wait a few mins then)  plug everything back in and make sure i had good connections also. then it finally stayed on till the end . i'm just curious to hear if anyone has had this problem .

thanks in advance Dan

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