What I Smoked with My New Bradley

Started by begolf25, February 22, 2006, 12:07:47 AM

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Hey fellas,
Just got my Bradley last Wednesday.  I seasoned her up Thursday and had her ready to go for Friday. For my first smoke I decided to go with a small butt. I picked it up Wednesday, rubbed it down and threw it in the fridge until Friday.

Had to take one picture since this is the last time she will be this clean [:D]

Here is the butt about to be put on the smoker...

I started it a little earlier then I should have hoping it would be done early Saturday morning but not at 4:00am.  Oh well, I pulled it out, let it sit for 20 minutes then pulled her apart.  Meat fell apart in my hands. Nothing like some good BBQ at 4:30 in the morning :)

Here it is right after I took it out...

Here it is pulled and ready to eat...then it was back to bed for me! Not much of a smoke ring though.  I let it smoke 4 hours and the taste was great.

On Monday we had the in-laws over so I had another excuse to fire the Bradley back up.  I decided to go withs Old's Chicken, ham, cheese and bacon wraps and some Atomic Buffalo Turds.  A little over kill on the bacon but what the hell.

Turds about to be smoked....

Wraps ready to be smoked....

The finished turds....

The finished wraps....

I was very happy since this was my first weekend with the smoker and everything turned out great.  I also owe most of my success to the information I have read on this site prior to cooking everything.  Keep up the good work fellas. I think I am gonna try some ribs and chicken this weekend.  I couldn't be happier with my decision to go with the Bradley at this point.



I too, owe my success to all these great guys.  They're great and always willing to help.  They now have me building a PID.

Welcome aboard, also check out http://www.susanminor.org/

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you did a hell of a job, concrats to you, looks like now you have been biten by the smoker bug, [:D]


dang... f25... impressive... now i gotts to raid the freezer...

you gotta eat...


i am johnny owrstrich... i disapprove of this post...


begolf25, you need to get one of these racks from chez works great for carrying your food to and from the smoker,



Congrats, you jumped right in there and got-r-done. Good job![^]

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Thanks everyone.  I can tell this is something I am really gonna enjoy.  Got a couple of questions though.

1. What is the best way to reheat pulled pork or anything other meats?  I find the microwave seems to dry the pork out.  I even tried covering it with a wet paper towel.  Since most of the time I will be cooking these things ahead of time I would like them to taste like they just came out of the smoker.

2. I was looking over the thread for the PID.  Am I correct in saying that these will control the temp. of the Bradley?  So I can set it for 210 and this will maintain that for me?  If so, I would love to install that on my smoker.  Be nice to take the guess work out of things witht he slider on the bottom. Where can I get the detailed instructions for installing the one like Bubbagumps?  I will add this question to the PID thread if needed.

Thanks again.


Begolf read through this:

Gary did a nice job on the wiring diagrams for both in the generator and a project box.

Maybe not cheapest but for only 3-4 places to shop I did this:

Auberin PID and SSR(on-line)

Omega for quality Thermocoupler(on-line) omega.com
Thermocouple - Omega #TJ72-CASS-316U-3-SB-SMPW-M
Mini Panel Jack - Omega #RMJ-K-R

These you may need depending on how you install and what you have on hand:
Radio shop for project box, fuse link, Misc.
Hardware store for extension cord and plug-in and switch for turning advance motor off and PID if put in generator, wire.

All this is from bubbagump he's the man on this.  In the future Olds will have something on his site after all this is simplified into a step by step process.  Cost is approx $100 to 175 depending on how fancy and options you do.  But the thread I gave will get it done for you once you sort out the side conversations.

I wouldn't of attempted this w/o the knowledge here and it is a pretty easy project with the advice from bubbagump.

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great job.  Its good to know you also can make some amazing BBQ and more.  

As far as re-heating.  I re-heat my Pulled Pork in a small pot (with what we will use, which was frozen post pull)  with just a little bit of Apple Juice.  It works great, stays moist.  I re-heated some at work in a microwave and used a little apple juice in there as well.

s far as PID instruction, I think they are in the bubbagump pid thread.  You need to study all the posts and make sure you are installing the right versions and all.  Bit that should be it.

I got the simple TC instructions from the thread where the LOVE TS 10130 from Dwyer was discussed.  And install was real easy, and parameter config was OK.  Then enough patience and it worked great.   That really takes the guess work and fiddling with the slide out of the equation.  I do fiddle some to reduce temp swings but much better operation overall.
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Very, very impressive Bryon. You truely have SMOKEHOUSE FEVER!! Keep on smokin buddy.[;)]


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<br />What is the best way to reheat pulled pork or any other meats?  I find the microwave seems to dry the pork out.<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"></blockquote id="quote"></font id="quote">
I use a slow cooker myself.  Some put the sealed freezer bag directly into hot water to rewarm.

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<b>Paleeeze NO NECKED PICTURES HERE...</b> Thats simply shameful.

All kidding aside, great work there young man.  All I can say is that you hooked by the Bradley Aura


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Like WTF said, I put mine in FoodSaver vacuum-sealed bags before I freeze the meat. I try to load one individual serving into each bag. Throw one into some boiling water, and presto - instant moist 'Q. The bags make it handy to transport ready-to-eat pouches for fishin trips, work, picnics, whatever. No freezer burn either! I use the FoodSaver gadget more then any other appliance.

Your post made me hungry, and I just got through eating!


I agree with gary CO, the Foodsaver vacuum sealer is brilliant for this purpose. I typically put two servings in each bag prior to freezing and the meat is always moist after re-heating in a pan of boiling water.