1st Butt 1st Smoke on My 4 racker

Started by wowooo20, March 20, 2013, 12:56:43 AM

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This is part 1 of 2.  YOu can look up my plans under the introduce section.

This cut was a little over 7 lbs, which means my 2nd one this weekend will be 10 and completely different. 

In real time, I"m in FTC.  I'll update soon, but had to unload these photo because I'm insane. 


I hope this link works...


My apologies...my plan is directly under this one.  thank you..Management. 


It is now time....to pull ....the oinker.....and get seriously greasy and full because of stuffing myself full of goodness. 


looks good, nice bark you got on it.

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Nice bark!  I could use a Sammie for breakfast...
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Bark does look good.

Was kinda hard to see in pictures, but was your cabinet temp
probe above your butt?


The temp gauge was above the meat and free standing.  It moved down on the basket when I opened the door quickly to snap the pick when I was changing the water bowl.  Any suggestions on placement? I wasn't quite sure and figured at least I have an accurate IT if I didn't do it right


Most people that have the cabinet probe loose place under and to the side of the lowest rack of meat being smoked. If the lowest rack of meat is the second rack then it goes just below it.

There are others who use a fixed position for the probe usually on the back wall.

With the probe below the meat you get a better reading of the temp the meat is
being smoked/cooked at.

If it is above, then the meat could shield the probe and you could be smoking at
a higher temp than you really want.

But it looks like everything came out OK.