Smoked deep fried turkey

Started by amatasjr, November 27, 2013, 11:14:29 PM

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Hello everyone. I'm thinking of using Alton browns brine tonight, pat neelys rub tomorrow , then throwing the 18 lb bird in the bradley on a spanek vertical roaster for 2 hrs of cold smoke with maple. Then straight into the fryer for 3 minutes a pound. Sound likes plan, or too much?  Everyone have great thanksgiving!

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Looks like a good plan. When cold smoking move the turkey directly from the refrigerator to the smoker. Try to keep the cabinet temperature at 70°F or below. Double the racks so the weight of the turkey doesn't bend the racks downward.

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Did that a few years ago it is pretty amazing best turkey we have had great smoke flavor and crisp skin from the frying have fun with it
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I'm deep frying a turkey Sunday for my oldest daughter's birthday. But this sounds like it would be really good. What is Alton Browns brine?  I did a search and didn't find it.



I jumped the gun on this question. I should have known google is my friend. Found it all on food network.



Hey landy, the turkey came out awesome! Family was ranting and raving about it. The only down fall was that this fry was my messiest. I had never seen oil shoot out of the cavity consistently throughout the fry. My guess was maybe the moist interior from the brine. Not sure, but turkey was hand dried, refridged uncovered and then cold smoked for 2hrs. And instead of the neelys rub, which I've used before I actually used tony chacheres Cajun instead. Good luck!

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Like WOW that bottom picture just gave me nightmares. Your very lucky it never ignited. That would have been terrible. 

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Quote from: amatasjr on December 14, 2013, 10:21:47 AM... this fry was my messiest. I had never seen oil shoot out of the cavity consistently throughout the fry...

... which is one reason many of us have switched to Char-Broil's Big Easy (TBE) or Smoker-Roaster-Grill (SRG).


I have the same fryer setup and I actually fry in my garage(door open of course) as I have a 16 foot ceiling.  I've had this happen before and found a trick to getting around it.

Wet brining the bird is a huge factor, lots of moisture that doesn't mix with oil.  I dry rub my bird, mount it on the fryer spit, bbq wire it's legs/wings down and set it in a cooler lined with newspaper and paper towels for about 4 hours.  The amount of moisture that drips out completely soaks up the newspaper/paper towel but it stays cool enough that you're not in the baceria danger zone(especially in winter).  This is all water that won't hit the oil so bonus there.  Next I never raise the temp of the canola or canola/sunflower oil above 350F.  I actually drop it in at 325F, and as the temp drops to about 275F I give it a lot of gas to bring it back up.  Still averages about 3 mins per lb and fully cooked at the end.

I also use a cardboard box that came with one of our cardtable/row tables, about 4 ft wide by 8 ft long.  Put the fryer on that so it doesn't muck up the concrete and you're good to go.  Easy cleanup and the box is reusable.  I just fried my 15th and 16th bird this past Friday and both bird and used the same box since day 1.  Just in case I have an extinguisher right beside it though.  ;)

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If deep frying Don't guess at amount of oil to put in kettle. Before doing anything, while it's still wrapped put turkey in empty fryer. Cover with water remove turkey and mark water level. That should be oil level when you get ready to fry. Oil can always be added.  It you start with too much there can be trouble. Don't ask how I know this.
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You are on the right path. I cold smoke then deep fry @ 3.5 minutes per pounds. Here's a tip.. Before adding your rub be sure and rub the turkey with frenchs yellow mustard(glue). I fry about 20-40 turkeys a years and use this method quite often, other time I just inject( tony charcheres jalepeno butter doctored a bit), mustard,rub and fry.
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Having fried several turkeys, I am not sure 3 minutes per pound after 2 hours of cold smoke is long enough.  Perhaps after 2 hours of hot smoke.