Canadain parts for the fan Mod?

Started by Jims83cj5, May 23, 2014, 03:19:02 PM

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Im looking for information from the Canadian's on here, All the part numbers given are from graingers and they don't carry them in Canada under the Acklands Grainger name. Smokinstuff needs a check or money order sent first before they ship. Does anyone have a Canadian supplier for this stuff


Now it also looks like smokeandstuff is out of business

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I can't provide a supplier, but try sending or taking the specs of the fan blade and motor to Acklands Grainger, and they may be able to cross reference the parts and find a comparable substitute.



These guys carry every kind of fan and motor you can dream of.

Basically what you are looking for is a bathroom fan motor with a metal fan blade. I buy replacement bathroom exhaust fan motors from these guys all the time.

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Hey OP, I think the numbers you need to get from Acklands are WWG2MXY4 and AOS4M079D. The first three letters are the brand code, and the rest is just the Grainger part number (with an extra "D" for the part number for the motor for no real reason...) The only reason I am not 100% sure is because I had to do a little searching on the forum to figure out which Grainger numbers you needed exactly ???

Not sure if you were looking online or tried actually calling a branch, but you should be able to order them... It will most likely take a week or two to come in, as they are not a stocking part number in Canada, but they are on the system.
Motor comes up at $68 instead of $54 on the US site, but there shouldn't be any freight charge to get it brought in.

I should mention that Acklands is supposed to be business to business only and normally does not sell to the public, but you should be able to get around that, especially if you just order online...(Or if you work for a company that deals with Acklands you could possibly try to see about ordering under their account as a cash sale and you may get a bit of a price break.)

Hope this helps, good luck modding your smoker!