Is this available in Canada?

Started by StickyDan, June 22, 2015, 08:18:25 PM

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Looking to get my hands on some Carolina Treat, John Henry's Texas Chicken Tickler and Vernon's Cajun Seasoning. 
Haven't been able to find anything available here in Canada
Alternately, I'm not opposed to making this stuff myself if anybody can point me towards some clone recipes.



Try Amazon for Carolina Treat, John Henry's Texas Chicken Tickler they have them.
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Ha! Amazon want's 70$ for chicken tickler.  LOL
Thanks guys


Ok so my Canadian search has turned up nothing.  does anybody know if this stuff is available in washington or orogen?  If so, what stores would carry it?


try here:

send them a message, and they can probably bring it in for you.


Wow. Forgot about this thread.  Good news, I found veron's cajun rub and ordered a case of it.  I was searching for Vernon's and not Veron's.  Derp. 
Thanks Shuswap for the links.  Looks like I will attempt my own clown.  Cheers